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Tripp Residence

The Challenge:
The customer had very specific ideas and had already started to work on clearing the existing shrubs from the property. They wanted an easy low maintenance garden, but lush and full of color as it is the main entrance to the house. The customer was to do the installation, but requested a detailed design to include amounts of soil and mulch, as well as a comprehensive list of plants with quantities, color choices and blooming times.



The Solution:
We provided the customer with suggestions for which shrubs to remove and how much soil to discard before adding composting soil to the garden area. We also provided amounts of soil and mulch required for the area. We provided them with a design which included the botanical and common names of the suggested perennials, evergreens and flowering shrubs and trees. We also included the plant material characteristics such as blooming time, maintenance and water requirements. The design was to scale which shows how many plant to install and where specifically to place them in the garden.
The Details:
Based on this photo provided by the customer it shows that our design included the necessary information for them to install the new garden without our help and accomplish their goal of having lush colorful garden to welcome friends and family to their home.


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