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Seasonal Garden Tips

  • Inspect and clean your tools
  • Clean your containers and always use new soil
  • Cut Ornamental Grasses to 8 from the ground
  • As soon as the weather permits clean up any leaves and branches from your garden beds
  • Prune Broadleaf and Needle evergreens to eliminate broken branches and winter burn
  • Lightly rake all your planting beds to encourage growth
  • Add compost as needed
  • Apply Weed Preventer in mid May

  • Cut back spring flowering shrubs before they develop next years buds, (such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons)
  • Fertilize and cut back container plants as needed
  • Water, Water, Water
  • Apply Weed Preventer and keep up with weeds
  • Cut back early perennials to promote blooming
  • Enjoy your Gardens
  • Feed the Birds
  • Make sure your Bird Baths are filled with clean water

  • Cut and shape evergreen shrubs
  • Cut back late flowering shrubs such as Rose of Sharon and Butterfly Bush
  • Cut back perennials as needed, remember to leave some for winter interest and wildlife shelter
  • Do Not cut back Hydrangeas
  • Mulch and prune Roses
  • Remove all annuals
  • Plant Bulbs

  • Rake leaves
  • Apply sealant to broadleaf evergreens to prevent winter burn
  • Design a new Garden or Container
  • Enjoy Garden Books and Magazines
  • Make a wish list of new plants to acquire in the spring
  • Relax: we always have Spring


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