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      The Secrets to Beautiful Containers:

  • Replace the soil every year.

  • Clean your containers with a solution of water and vinegar.

  • Mix soil with a crystal polymer such as “Soil Moist” to reduce watering.

  • Place your containers outside and note if they are located in a sunny or shady area.

  • Consider if the container will be viewed from 3 or 4 sides and plant accordingly.

  • Select a color scheme that matches your container as well as the location.

  • Sketch a design for your container.

  • The best containers have a variety of color, texture, and height.

  • Purchase your annuals by shade or sun loving.

  • For containers with a 12” diameter use 3-4 types of annuals with complimentary colors.
  • Place tall plants in the back middle of the container; have some asymmetry for better show.

  • Remember to leave space for your plants to spread.

  • Do not forget that ornamental grasses, perennials and herbs are also great for containers.

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